AUSROC 2.5 is a bi-propellant Liquid Oxygen and Kerosene sub-orbital rocket, with a flight mass of 350 to 400 kg.

The AUSROC 2.5 motor will have the same dimensions and geometry as the AUSROC III motor, but is ablative rather than regeneratively cooled.

We are currently seeking universities and volunteers to work on the AUSROC 2.5 project. Please click here for more information.


Launch ElevationBetween 70 and 80 degrees
PropellantKerosene/Lox, Mixture ratio 2.4 (Lox/Fuel)
Thrust at lift-off35 kN
Specific Impulse at sea level230 s
Combustion Chamber Pressure2 MPa
Launch Acceleration6-10 G
Length7.2 m
Diameter305 mm (12")
Control3 stabiliser fins (no guidance system)
Mass fraction> 0.5
Burn time10-15 seconds
Fuel SystemRegulated flow tank pressurisation system (using tridyne pressurant)
Drag Coefficient< 0.8