The AUSROC-I Program commenced in 1988 when a group of undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering at Monash University, designed and built AUSROC-I. It was successfully launched on 9 Feb 1989. The flight lasted one minute, reaching 3 km in altitude and 161 m/s. AUSROC-I is a liquid fueled rocket based upon a modified Pacific Rocket Society design.

Physical Characteristics

Length2600 mm
Diameter100 mm
Stabilization4 fins
Recovery SystemParachute

Propellant Characteristics

Propellant mass6 kg (Fuel 1.65 kg, Oxidizer 4.35 kg)
Dry mass 19 kg
Fueled Mass 25 kg
Fuel Furfuryl Alcohol
Fuel Volume 1.5 l
Oxidizer Nitric Acid
Oxidizer Volume 3 l
Mass ratio 0.24
Propellant Feed MethodPressure Blow Down
Ignition MethodHypergolic Combustion
Pressurisation Gas Nitrogen
Tank Pressure 2 MPa

Motor Characteristics

Thrust 1274 N
Burn Time 8 s
Specific Impulse 1765 m/s
Chamber Pressure 1.38 MPa


SensorsPressure Transducer
Transmitter 400.5 MHz