Become an ASRI Member Today!

ASRI is a practical organization which relies on individuals to get the job done. If you’re interested in actively participating, then please consider becoming a member.

ASRI requires skills from just about every field. Some examples include project managers, marketing, web development, software development, and of course, the engineering disciplines.

ASRI membership entitles the individual or organisation to:

  • Participate in ASRI launch events,
  • Attend local meetings,
  • Access ASRI publications,
  • Attend the ASRI Annual Conference and participate in decision-making, and
  • Use the Small Sounding Rocket Program payload launch service for free.

ASRI encourages membership from within Australia but, also, other countries, as a way of building links.

Becoming an ASRI Member

Membership in ASRI is open to all members of the public, regardless of background, knowledge or expertise. ASRI has three types of membership:

  • Individual (full) – Those in work.
  • Individual (student and concession) – Full-time students and those not in work.
  • Corporate – Companies, societies and other incorporated bodies.

Alternatively, if you would just like to help support ASRI with a once off or regular donation of your choice:

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Membership Fees


Annual membership fees are as follows:

Full A$80
Student / Concession A$50
Corporate A$200

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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