On Thursday 22nd October 1992 the AUSROC II rocket vehicle failed in its maiden launch attempt at the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia. Whilst the launch attempt was a failure, the program as a whole was regarded to be a great success. AUSROC II was the largest liquid fuelled rocket to be designed and built in Australia and done so by an amateur group of engineers, scientists, technicians and enthusiasts.

Following the failed launch attempt, a decision was made by the AUSROC Program Group to build a second AUSROC II vehicle to be known as AUSROC II-2. The AUSROC II-2 vehicle will essentially be a revised and improved AUSROC II. Design elements that caused the failure of the AUSROC II launch attempt were isolated and a redesign of components and system layouts has been undertaken by the new AUSROC II-2 project team.

Physical Characteristics

Length5600 mm
Diameter256 mm
Stabilization4 fins
Recovery SystemParachute

Propellant Characteristics

Propellant mass96 kg
Dry mass120 kg
Fueled Mass216 kg
Fuel Volume42 l
OxidizerLiquid Oxygen
Oxidizer Volume14 l
Pressurisation GasHelium
Tank Pressure 20 MPa

Motor Characteristics

Thrust9800 N
Burn Time20 s
Specific Impulse235 sec
Chamber Pressure2.8 MPa


Sensors- Temperature Sensor (Nose Tip)
- 3 x Accelerometers
- CCD Monopole Video Camera
- Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Transmitter 444 MHz

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