The AUSROC-II class rocket is fuelled by Liquid Oxygen and Kerosene and is designed to reach an altitude of 10km. ASRI has had one launch failure of AUSROC II in 1992 and one successful launch of AUSROC II-2 in 1995. The AUSROC II class rocket is currently going through a third design iteration called AUSROC II-C. This variant of AUSROC II will be a modernized version of the successfully launched AUSROC II-2 rocket which will incorporate a fully composite structure and a revised propulsion system.

Physical Characteristics

Length5600 mm
Diameter256 mm
Stabilization4 fins
Recovery SystemParachute

Propellant Characteristics

Propellant mass96 kg
Dry mass120 kg
Fueled Mass216 kg
Fuel Volume42 l
OxidizerLiquid Oxygen
Oxidizer Volume14 l
Pressurisation GasHelium
Tank Pressure 20 MPa

Motor Characteristics

Thrust9800 N
Burn Time20 s
Specific Impulse235 sec
Chamber Pressure2.8 MPa


Sensors- Temperature Sensor (Nose Tip)
- 3 x Accelerometers
- CCD Monopole Video Camera
- Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Transmitter 444 MHz

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