The Ausroc III Program is one of the most advanced initiatives of its type in the world. It is by
far the most ambitious high technology education and development program ever undertaken in
Australia. The methods by which the Program is being advanced are revolutionary. The vehicle
being developed is an order of magnitude more sophisticated than any other rocket previously
developed in this country. From humble beginnings, the Ausroc Program is maturing into a
pathfinder for the re-entry of Australia into the global space industry.
Advancement of the Ausroc Program relies upon the continuing support of government,
industry and the Australian public generally.

The Ausroc III vehicle is a liquid fuelled sounding rocket designed to launch a 150 kilogram payload module to an altitude of 500 kilometres on a sub-orbital trajectory. Unlike most sounding rockets in commercial use today, the vehicle will incorporate active guidance which means that its trajectory will be controllable during flight. The payload module will achieve approximately 6 minutes of weightlessness before re-entry and recovery via a steerable gliding parachute recovery system. These capabilities compare favourably with those of sounding rockets in commercial use today.
For even more in depth history and information on AUSROC III please feel free to download the PDF below.
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Physical Characteristics

Length8400 mm
Diameter700 mm
StabilizationThrust Vectoring (Strongring, Thrust Frame and Gimbal Unit)
Recovery SystemParachute

Propellant Characteristics

Propellant mass1200 kg
Dry mass220 kg
Fueled Mass1570 kg
FuelKerosine (JA-1)
Fuel Mass130 kg
OxidizerLiquid Oxygen
Oxidizer Volume800 l
Mass ratio0.85
Mixture Ratio2.4 (LOX/Kerosine)
Propellant Feed MethodRegulated pressurisation system (Plain He or Tridyne)
Ignition MethodPyrotechnic Ignition
Pressurisation GasHelium/Tridyne
Tank Pressure 30 MPa

Motor Characteristics

Thrust35,000 N sl - 42,600N vac
Burn Time
Specific Impulse241sec sl - 293 sec vac
Chamber Pressure2 MPa


Sensors- 128 Sensors
- 16 Data formatters
- 8 Data acquisition modules
- Multiplexer
- Video Transmitter
Transmitter 500 kHz
Payload Module Mass150 kg
Payload Module Components- Avionics
- Recovery System
- Flight Experiments
- Heat Shield

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